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My poor Jetta

So it seems my little TDI is a troubled soul. I’ve had to take the car in for service now on three separate occasions. This time its in for: failed AC system, driver door handle creeks, driver door panel was improperly installed after a previous repair, sunroof/headliner rattles and the sunglasses holder pops open in the heat.

According to the service manager they may not do anything for the door creek and sunroof rattle as those are “mechanical adjustment” issues, only covered under the first 12,000 miles.

To date, the car has been serviced for: failed turbo assembly (at only 200 miles) which required the replacement of the turbo assembly and fuel pressure regulator and the driver door was rattling. The super fix for the door was the use of felt tape?!? Apparently the door pocket insert that controls the trunk and fuel door release was causing the door panel to resonate. The application of felt tape was necessary to solve the problem. How nice…

I wonder how long they will have the car this time around…

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