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Quickbooks Enterprise, Citrix and Roaming Profiles

I’m sure most are aware that Quickbooks, though officially supported in Citrix and TS doesn’t follow application standards for how it stores configuration settings. Quickbooks sadly stores its per-user configuration data in the AppData\Local\… path. Which if you’re keen on keeping your servers clean gets nuked on logoff. Quickbooks doesn’t have any plans currently to move the configuration settings into the Roaming data path.

So lets fix it, you have two options. 1) Deliver a standard configuration on TS/Citrix login that gets erased on logoff and 2) Turn off the deletion of cached roaming profiles and do some GPO magic to deliver a basic configuration.

Small Environment Fix:
– Disable the Deletion of Cached Roaming Profiles
– Copy a configured base level configuration of the QBWUSER.INI into a network share.
– Enabled a File GPO to copy the QBWUSER.INI into the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Intuit\Quickbooks…Version…\ path.
– Configure the GPO setting to Update the file into the destination path. This will put a base configuration inplace without overwriting user updated files. This protects the integrity of the user’s modified QBWUSER.INI file over time.

Large Environment Fix:
– Leave the Deletion of Cached Roaming Profiles enabled.
– Capture a QBWUSER.INI file and edit, removing the File MRU settings and adding any additional settings you need.
– Drop the file on a network share and then configure the GPO to copy the file. This gives you a standard experience but will require the user to hunt down their company file each time. But it does stop the first run setup screens.

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