Current State of Office365….

Its amazing how Microsoft has managed to manipulate and mislead both its partners and paying customers. The list of annoyances and limitations are pretty big misses by my measure.


  • Unable to preview PDF documents direclty from the library. PDF documents must be downloaded before they can be viewed.
  • Limit of 5000 items per library. Exceeding the configured limit results in the ability to control configuration items, like cascading permission changes.
  • Explorer view issues, these are many and highly inconvient.
  • Drive mappings to libraries do not stay connected even with SSO. You are forced to visit the library from IE before the WebDAV session can be reestablished.
  • Bulk data uploads.
    • Limited to 100 items using Upload Multiple Documents.
    • Upload speed limit of around 300KB/s when using Explorer View or Upload Multiple Documents.


  • Inability to assign multiple email aliases from secondary domain suffixes when no on-premise Exchange server is configured and SSO with AD Sync is also enabled. To enable additional aliases from domains other than the primary requires editing your user objects with ADSIEdit….
  • You cannot email external users when you have the same domain enabled with NO services associated. Example, is hosting additional mail for a subset of users via third-party POP service. You configure this domain but don’t enable any services. When you email users at the configured domain all mail is returned undeliverable.

Single Sign-On / AD Sync

  • Microsoft AD Sync has to be installed on a 32bit server. In most cases you need an additional Windows license so you an install AD Sync on a 2008 32bit server.
  • Cannot disable sync once its enabled.
  • ADFS Proxy cannot be installed on Windows 2008 w/o Hyper-V. The ADFS 2.0 installer has a very specific OS SKU requirement.