Bike Packing Gear List

My ever evolving gear list. Packing really is an exercise in OCD; what to bring, what not to bring. This is my first pass gear list for a 3 day trip, 270miles. Packs consist of Revelate Design bags and an Osprey Syncro 15. I’ll be editing this right up until its time to roll out.

Shake down ride


  • Tent, Rain Fly, Poles (Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2)
  • Sleeping Bag (REI Flash – Womens, rated under 30° for men)

Seat Bag

  • Clothes
  • Arm / Knee Warmers
  • Long underwear
  • Sweat Pants
  • Jersey
  • TShirt
  • MTB Shorts
  • Cookset
  • Tubes/Parts

Frame Bag

  • Water (80 oz.)
  • Coffee
  • Chamois Cream
  • Small parts
  • Chain links
  •  Knife

Back Pack

  • Pain/Anti-Inflammatory
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash / cards
  • Tools
  • Air Pillow (REI)
  • Food
  • GoPro & Mini Tripod
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • UCO Flashlight
  • Battery Pack/Charger


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XenDesktop 7 Port Redirection

Looks like Citrix pulled a fast one on us. The included legacy policies for COM port redirection do not work with XenDesktop 7. You’ll note that the policy details state they control settings for XenApp 6/6.5 whether this is correct or not. Support wasn’t able to comment on this.

End result, you enable these policies and apply them and they do nothing. You’ll have to setup registry keys on your app servers to enable the VDA to pass COM/LPT client connections. The keys you’ll need to create are as follows, all DWORDs.

Description: Allow (prohibit) COM port redirection
DWORD: AllowComPortRedirection
Value: 1

Description: Allow (prohibit) LPT port redirection
DWORD: AllowLptPortRedirection
Value: 1

Description: Automatically connect COM ports from the client
DWORD: AutoConnectClientComPorts
Value: 1

Description: Automatically connect LPT ports from the client
DWORD: AutoConnectClientLptPorts
Value: 1

Exchange 2010; after-hours hell…

Nothing like that early morning 3am call to tell you, “Hey, mail is not working”…


  • Inbound SMTP is rejecting messages
  • Intra-Organization mail relay is failing. “The response from the remote site is 454 4.7.0 Temporary authentication failure.”
  • Launching the EMC or EMS fails with Error: Access Denied. More verbosely, “The attempt to connect to http://yourserverhere.fqdn/PowerShell using “Kerberos” authentication failed: Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : Access is denied.”


  • Verify that Kerberos is properly enabled in IIS. This is required for PowerShell remoting. The default website may have SSL enabled with Anonymous authentication. The Powershell subdirectory should have SSL unchecked and all authentication methods disabled. Modules under the Powershell subdir should have Kerberos listed as NATIVE and Local. The same for WinRM. If they are not listed as Native (Native IIS modules) and Local then you’ve probably found your problem.
  • Check for time skew. Since we are dealing with Kerberos, time skew is a big problem. Even more so in large multi-site, timezone diverse WANs. This wound up being the cause of service interruption; three servers were operating with a time skew of >6 minutes.
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Quickbooks Enterprise, Citrix and Roaming Profiles

I’m sure most are aware that Quickbooks, though officially supported in Citrix and TS doesn’t follow application standards for how it stores configuration settings. Quickbooks sadly stores its per-user configuration data in the AppData\Local\… path. Which if you’re keen on keeping your servers clean gets nuked on logoff. Quickbooks doesn’t have any plans currently to move the configuration settings into the Roaming data path.

So lets fix it, you have two options. 1) Deliver a standard configuration on TS/Citrix login that gets erased on logoff and 2) Turn off the deletion of cached roaming profiles and do some GPO magic to deliver a basic configuration.

Small Environment Fix:
– Disable the Deletion of Cached Roaming Profiles
– Copy a configured base level configuration of the QBWUSER.INI into a network share.
– Enabled a File GPO to copy the QBWUSER.INI into the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Intuit\Quickbooks…Version…\ path.
– Configure the GPO setting to Update the file into the destination path. This will put a base configuration inplace without overwriting user updated files. This protects the integrity of the user’s modified QBWUSER.INI file over time.

Large Environment Fix:
– Leave the Deletion of Cached Roaming Profiles enabled.
– Capture a QBWUSER.INI file and edit, removing the File MRU settings and adding any additional settings you need.
– Drop the file on a network share and then configure the GPO to copy the file. This gives you a standard experience but will require the user to hunt down their company file each time. But it does stop the first run setup screens.

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Best training ride ever.

Nothing says, best training ride ever than gravel ef’n roads… 37 miles through the beautiful scenery in Sealy with 4 miles of dirt roads mixed it for kicks. Dirt roads and heavy winds will kill your average but it builds character.

 Sealy 37 Mile Training by josephruffino at Garmin Connect – Details.



Current State of Office365….

Its amazing how Microsoft has managed to manipulate and mislead both its partners and paying customers. The list of annoyances and limitations are pretty big misses by my measure.


  • Unable to preview PDF documents direclty from the library. PDF documents must be downloaded before they can be viewed.
  • Limit of 5000 items per library. Exceeding the configured limit results in the ability to control configuration items, like cascading permission changes.
  • Explorer view issues, these are many and highly inconvient.
  • Drive mappings to libraries do not stay connected even with SSO. You are forced to visit the library from IE before the WebDAV session can be reestablished.
  • Bulk data uploads.
    • Limited to 100 items using Upload Multiple Documents.
    • Upload speed limit of around 300KB/s when using Explorer View or Upload Multiple Documents.


  • Inability to assign multiple email aliases from secondary domain suffixes when no on-premise Exchange server is configured and SSO with AD Sync is also enabled. To enable additional aliases from domains other than the primary requires editing your user objects with ADSIEdit….
  • You cannot email external users when you have the same domain enabled with NO services associated. Example, is hosting additional mail for a subset of users via third-party POP service. You configure this domain but don’t enable any services. When you email users at the configured domain all mail is returned undeliverable.

Single Sign-On / AD Sync

  • Microsoft AD Sync has to be installed on a 32bit server. In most cases you need an additional Windows license so you an install AD Sync on a 2008 32bit server.
  • Cannot disable sync once its enabled.
  • ADFS Proxy cannot be installed on Windows 2008 w/o Hyper-V. The ADFS 2.0 installer has a very specific OS SKU requirement.

My poor Jetta

So it seems my little TDI is a troubled soul. I’ve had to take the car in for service now on three separate occasions. This time its in for: failed AC system, driver door handle creeks, driver door panel was improperly installed after a previous repair, sunroof/headliner rattles and the sunglasses holder pops open in the heat.

According to the service manager they may not do anything for the door creek and sunroof rattle as those are “mechanical adjustment” issues, only covered under the first 12,000 miles.

To date, the car has been serviced for: failed turbo assembly (at only 200 miles) which required the replacement of the turbo assembly and fuel pressure regulator and the driver door was rattling. The super fix for the door was the use of felt tape?!? Apparently the door pocket insert that controls the trunk and fuel door release was causing the door panel to resonate. The application of felt tape was necessary to solve the problem. How nice…

I wonder how long they will have the car this time around…

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